Bottled Water

You may not think much of bottled water, but after you read this post, I hope you realize the harm of them.

Bottled water is one of the most damaging products out there. They are extremely irrelevant when you can drink tap water, and even more pointless because you’re paying ten times more than you really need to, for something almost everyone already has.

One of the many things that suffer from the production of bottled water, is the environment. The process that it takes to produce the water bottles, releases enough poisonous fuels to power one million cars, which results in global warming and degradation of the the earth.

  The bottled water industry may be quite persuasive, but you shouldn’t believe them. They have three easy steps to brain-wash you, and help their popularity grow, no matter how senseless their products are. 

  1. They scare you- they make it seem like their product is essential and if you don’t have it then you’re at risk.
  2. They seduce you- they design their products to look pleasing with pretty images of mountains, fields and landscapes.
  3. They mislead you- they tell you lies and try to beat out other competition, which in this case, is clean tap water.

If you would like more information regarding the truth behind bottled water, please watch this video.


School Production

On October 29th, my school held a production called “Beyond the Autumn Mist”. Beyond the Autumn Mist is about a magical dragon named Puff, who embarks on an adventure to different fairy tale lands to find a fairy tale to belong in. Along the way, he meets funny fairy tale characters and makes new friends. I was lucky enough to play a main role. I played princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Each class also had 2 acts each. One singing act and one dancing act. My class’s act was based on Sleeping Beauty. The teachers also surprised us with a dance of their own! It was my last production at primary school and I had such an amazing time.

Aquatic Biomes

Today you’re going to read about my favourite biome… the aquatic biomes!

Aquatic biomes are habitats that include oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and wetlands. These habitats are home to many species such as common and endangered animals and plants.

The aquatic biome is the largest out of all the biomes, as water covers nearly 75% of the earth’s surface, and is also where life began billions of years ago.

The aquatic biome is such a beautiful habitat to many species, but is sadly degrading due to global warming, where animals are not able to adapt to the change of temperature they need to be able to live sufficiently, and pollution, where rubbish is mistaken for food by marine animals, resulting in rapid loss of animals.

YOU can actually help make a difference by disposing of your rubbish correctly, not littering and by using and encouraging people to use renewable energy where the environment is not harmed when producing energy.

I hope you learnt something new after reading this post!

Schools 2 Jeremy Chan via Compfight

Transit Programme

Today Leah, a public transport speaker, came to our school to talk about issues related to public transport as a lot of students will be attending secondary school next year and could potentially be using public transport to get to and from school.

Some issues that were addressed included safety, health, the environment and also how to search for public transport. 

When travelling on public transport, safety is most important. At all train stations are information boxes that enables you to contact metro staff in case of emergencies. If you feel unsafe when travelling on buses, you can always speak to the bus driver or sit near them at the front.

When choosing which method of transport to take, always consider your own health. Try to walk, cycle, skate or use something that does not use any harmful fuels. When you do not use fuel using vehicles, you are helping improve the environment that is affected by poisonous fuels and also improving your health by being active.

Make sure you use proper etiquette on public transport to everyone on board. You can show good etiquette by offering your seat to people who are disabled, elderly or pregnant women and if you’re on a mobile device, remember to use earphones and turn your volume down.


Evolution of Olive Baboons

Ripe cactusCreative Commons License Vince Alongi via Compfight

The evolution of Olive Baboons has demonstrated amazing discoveries regarding their eating habits and diet by adapting to unusual circumstances.

The Olive Baboons were once in trouble. Human population doubled and environmental changes, especially climate change, left the baboons threatened. Parts of Kenya, along with their habitats, were being degraded due to land hungry humans and the spread of Opuntia Stricta, otherwise known as prickly pear. The prickly pear was a danger to other animals such as cattle and goat who ingested the noxious fruit. The prickly pear caused other animals to bleed internally and grow mouth and gut ulcers resulting in death. The Olive Baboons however, learned to roll the prickly pear in dirt, rubbing the fine hairs off the prickly pear that was causing the poisoning.

Anthropologists do not currently know how the baboons have achieved this, but they do know that this is a new innovation.


A crazy adventure on a resplendent machine.

A cycling craze, fit for a queen.

A special gift that grants you lordly pride,

Only successful if you can ride.

This brilliant bike, is a sole delight.

Much better than taking a flight or flying a kite.

IMG_0450.JPGCreative Commons License Christian Eager via Compfight

Mini Fair

Today our school held a Mini Fair. The funds we raised today go towards a organization called Bahay Tuluyan. Bahay Tuluyan helps children in the Philippines get out of poverty and  provide proper education, housing and nutritious food for the children. Last year Bahay Tuluyan built a playground for the children. This year Bahay Tuluyan is going to build a rice field so children living in poverty in the Philippines can eat healthily. Some of the stalls at the mini fair were…

  • Chocolate throw
  • Face painting and hair spray
  • Cakes
  • Healthy snacks and treats
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Lollies


Book Reflection

A True Person- Gabiann Marin

A True Person is a powerful, meaningful and hopeful book with illustrations that use vibrant colours to enhance and bring text to life. The writing style was focused on Zallah’s thoughts and emotions throughout the book and used short and sharp sentences to really capture the essence of being held captive, unable to be free and being rejected. I believe that this book is much more than just a story. This book tells an important message to all who reads it and leaves them in amazement and awe. The moral of this story is to never lose hope. The author was also protesting against the cruelty of Australian laws and how they are unjust and unfair.



Pluto- See, Think, Wonder

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What did I see in this video?

  • Pluto
  • space
  • New Horizon
  • solar system
  • other planets
  • NASA
  • Kuiper Belt

What did I think about this video?

I think that this video was very informative about the launch of New Horizon and the new found data about the dwarf plant Pluto because the mission lasted 9 years and because Pluto is so far away.

What does this video make me wonder?

  • Why Pluto is much smaller than the other planets.
  • Why did NASA choose to investigate Pluto.
  • What other information has NASA found about Pluto.
  • How has this new data made an impact in space history.